Company RAGS is a wholesaler of car paints, refinishing and car care materials and tools

Initially being a small enterprise - founded in 1993, now company RAGS has become the leading wholesaler in Latvia and also in Baltic States. Among our customers are remarkable car dealers, big independent bodyshops, hundreds of small car painter companies and retail shops all over Latvia, Baltic States and in Russia.

One of development indicator is our wide partner net, starting from Europe and finishing with Russia, therefore we are always open to co-operation with new customers

We have gained sufficient experience and successfully cooperate with more than 50 foreign well known large-scale manufacturing companies in Europe, USA and Asia, who have proven the quality level of their products and quality is the main indicators in our offer.

Company RAGS offers to its customers different kind of refinishing materials: paints, clearcoats, hardeners, thinners, putties, primers and fillers, different materials in spray cans, rust protections materials and multi-function lubricants, windshield adhesive and sealants, masking tapes, abrasives, polishing pastes and pads, car care materials, tools, spraybooths and bodyshop equipment.

Our main suppliers are:

  • well known concern "BASF AG", which offers car paint GLASURIT,
  • "VALSPAR B.V" car paint DEBEER manufacturer in the Netherlands,
  • "Akzo Nobel" concern with car paints SIKKENS, LESONAL and DYNA COAT,
  • "NOVOL" which is our oldest partner from Poland, who is producing high quality car repair materials,
  • rust protection materials from Sweden company "HAGMANS",
  • professional car care material manufacturer "CARTEC" in the Netherlands,
  • Belgian car refinishing material and equipment wholesale company "CHEMICAR Europe",
  • German protection film manufacturer "HORN & BAUER",
  • spray gun manufacturers "SATA" (Germany, one of distributors), "IWATA" (Japan), DEVILBISS (USA/UK) and AUARITA (China)
  • tool manufacturer "RUPES" in Italy and "FESTOOL" in Germany
  • spray gun cleaning machines from Italy – "ROSAUTO",
  • abrasive manufacturers - "INDASA" (Portugal), "NORTON" (France), "SUNMIGHT" (South Korea)
  • polishing pastes, liquids and accessories from England company "FARECLA" (one of distributors),
  • spraybooth manufacturers "LUTRO GmbH" (Germany), "THERMOMECCANICA GL" (Italy) and the farthest supplier from China - "YOKI STAR",
  • infra-red manufacturers "SOLARY" (China), "INFRA QUICK" (Spain) and "CHANDA" (China)
  • bodyshop equipment manufacturer "IMET" in Poland,
  • special wipes manufacturer "TEMCA" in Germany,
  • chamois leather manufacturer "HUTCHINS & HARDING" in United Kingdom,
  • liquid proof and coated gloves manufacturer "P-PROTECT" in Germany,
  • filter manufacturer "FILTRAIR" in the Netherlands
  • tack cloth manufacturer "GEKATEX" in France,
  • multi-function and rust protection material manufacturer in Switzerland - "BRUNOX",
  • masking paper manufacturer in Germany "Parisloire APV",
  • concern "MOTIP DUPLI GmbH" where are united spray can and rust protection material manufacturers - Dupli Color, Motip, Distein, Crafts and Montana
  • DECO COLOR" spraycan manufacturer in Poland,
  • "TOTAL" windshield adhesive and sealant manufacturer – company LJF in France, and many others

SIA „RAGS” ir lielākais 3M auto preču izplatītājs Baltijas valstīs. Šis plašais materiālu sortiments tiek ražots gan Amerikā, gan Eiropā.

Company RAGS is the biggest 3M car segmant distributor in Baltic States. The wide assortment of 3M is manufactured in America and in Europe

It is important to mention that RAGS Ltd for almost all mentioned factories is exclusive representative in Latvia. We offer all these materials in wholesale and retail sales.

The success of development is thanks to constant growth of customers and partners, and that is an approval that company RAGS is trustful and professional business partner, who is always open to new business opportunities.

Our bussiness is built on the following moto:




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Our Partners

Anest Iwata
Hutchings & Harding
Motip Dupli

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  • Address: 1 Džūkstes street, Riga, Latvia, LV-1004
  • Phone: +371 67 808 780 | +371 26 542 777
  • Fax: +371 67 606 412
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